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Hydrogen drones are a promising new technology with the potential to revolutionize the way we collect aerial data and even transport goods. They offer a number of advantages over traditional battery-powered drones, including longer flight times, reduced life-cycle emissions, and increased productivity. Hydrogen drones could be used for a variety of applications, such as emergency response, surveillance, inspection, incident response, search & rescue, disaster response, agriculture & forestry and delivering packages to remote locations. While hydrogen drones are still not mainstream, they have the potential to transform a wide range of industries. As the technology continues to mature, we can look forward to a future where hydrogen drones are commonplace in the skies as part of the very few true 0-emission technologies..

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At the heart of SKYCORP Technologies' success lies the unwavering passion and visionary spirit of its founders, Marek Alliksoo and Roman Suvorov. Driven by a shared love of cutting-edge technology and a commitment to environmental responsibility, they set out to revolutionize the world of drones with hydrogen technology. SKYCORP Technologies are forging a path towards a greener future, where skies remain pristine, and possibilities are boundless. SKYCORP Technologies’ commitment to sustainability is etched into the very DNA of the company, and its team of brilliant minds is united in the pursuit of excellence. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of aerial technology and shaping the next generation of Unmanned Aerial Systems and its ecosystem. SKYCORP Technologies is more than just a drone company; it is a force of innovation, cooperation and commitment for common goals.

Join us on this awe-inspiring journey as we push the frontiers of possibility and rewrite the skies for generations to come. Together, we will redefine autonomy in the skies: cleaner, brighter, and more responsive than ever before, let’s call it – Autonomous Skies™.

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e-Drone Zero

The e-Drone Zero is a surveillance-focused hydrogen drone. As a multirotor configuration, it is nimble, compact, resilient, and capable of acting off-grid where necessary.

Key Features:

  • Extended Flight Times – 90-120 minutes of flight time per refuel
  • Reduced Downtime – Refueling in just 2-5 minutes
  • On-board Processing – Support for any AI functionality
  • EO-IR Payload – Capable of collecting the vital data you need
  • Enhanced Communications – Radio/LTE/5G/Satcom, redundant, and reliable communications
  • DORAI Compliant – Future-proof design and compliance with DORAI

Autonomous Skies

Towards fully automated future, where aerial data can be as accessible as take-out.

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Pre-seed Funding round closed (11.12.2023)


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